Braka aka Gaston Braka aka Simon Fayolle
Drummer, composer, arranger, sound designer, dj, producer, performer, trombonist, vocalist…


Poly-instrumentalist and iconoclast, Braka is a drummer, sound effects maker, vocalist stemmed from the jazz and interested in objects, toys, trombone and electronics.
Avid for concrete music, he built some of his instruments in search of incongruous sounds. This approach led him early to multiply his collaborations with partners from dance, theater, Instrument makers, video, pedagogy… and to mix people, styles, cultures and disciplines.
He studied drums since he was seven in music schools, workshops and private lessons. He started studying electro-acoustic music with Roger Coccini in 2000 and worked on lyric voice with Marie Cécile Calmelet (2005-2007). He studies trombone alone since 2000.
While he was writing music for years, he really started studying composition and arrangement for large ensemble by his own in 2007, writing a piece for 20 musicians and two lyric singers, based on F. Kafka’s novel “The metamorphosis”. He was greated and supported by the french ministry of culture for the writing of the “Paris / Joburg” score, in 2010.
He acts as stage musician since 1995: he toured France with the Gus Weg Watergang Jazz-Rock band and with many jazz bands and singers as a drummer, and Europe with La Caravane Jaune street company as a drummer, trombonist and actor…
From 2001 to 2009, he was a soloist, instrument conceptor and maker, and musical director (2004-2007) of the “Lutherie Urbaine” Company (direction: Jean-Louis Mechali) with whom he was touring Democratic Republic of Congo , Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa and Yemen.
He composes, arranges and orchestrates and performs stage music for the BVZK Company (Contemporary Theater, direction Nora Granovsky) since 2001.
He rose his company Faux Défi Défaut Fou and performs his solo and his creations in french festivals such Banlieues Bleues, Africolor, Jazz à Luz, Jazz en Luberon, Un Doua de Jazz, AJMI, National Theater of Montbéliard… and in South-Africa, Angola and Madagascar since 2009.
He collaborated with many Street, Dance, Theater and Music companies and musicians such as Remi Charmasson, Daniel Malavergne, Lucia Recio, Jeanne Added, Nicolas Stephan, Christophe Monniot, Thierry Madiot,Xavier Charles, Philippe Deschepper, François Corneloup, Raphael Imbert, Lionel Garcin, Carlo Mombelli, Marcus Wyatt, Rus Nerwich, Bebson de la Rue…
He’s also giving lots of workhops for amators and kids in France and abroad since 1998.


photo: Simon Balleyguier