Welcome Home!

This is Braka, and i’m proud to introduce
my brand new Website!


BT! 24    It took me a long time to eventually start working on it, some years ago now… and it’s still not finished!
Life of a musician is a b*tch! Plus with me, communication seems easier on drums, than with real humans! Let me try digital connection for once!
At last you can now listen to my work, alone, and with the friends and mentors I always had the luckiness to play and travel with… (small RADIOBRK players appears on the right for each project)
You’ll find pieces and full shows, audio and video, extracted from my poly-cultural PROJECTS of the past seven years, and from plays I wrote and perform(ed) the STAGE MUSIC since 2001.
Older collaborations are listed in the BIO section and some also in the DISCOGRAPHY section, and you can even help contemporary creation by purchasing albums and goodies at the SHOP section!
I’ll do my best to keep the « NEWS » and « EVENTS » sections up to date, with my latest news, gigs to come, and other album launchs …

And to my many friends who don’t speak french… yet: You will experience that most of the material is not written in English, and that it might never be! So I still invite you to click and play with all the buttons…


photo: Lenore Cairncross